Studio decor love - Mid century vintage luxo anglepoise lamp that clamps to the work bench and it’s brightly orange.

Well heeled in silver, and classic elegant knot.

Erica heels by Bionca Castana. Photo courtesy of Avenue 32. 

VIKA GAZINSKAYA & OTHER STORIES strapless red dress. Simply beautiful silhouettes. 

Perspex animal jewelry worn layered and stacked! Elephant, heart, unicorn, and rabbit necklace. Colorful and cute.

Burger and fries, hand knitted comfort food from Jessica Dance and David Sykes, a calorie free delight!

Snapshot from the back of a taxi, seaside view of the Bosphorus. Pastel coloured balloons.

Vika Gazinskaya silver metallic pleated skirt with coral pink flamingo and turquoise foliage illustrated on the skirt. 

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